Top 10 Reasons Why Broke People Stay Broke


10. Broke people stay broke because THEY TALK TOO MUCH: God gave us all two ears and one mouth for a reason, that means we should do more listening and LESS talking. Funny think is, broke people seem to know everything and want to tell everything they know which often times is nothing.

9. Broke people stay broke because THEY ARE LAZY: They haven’t yet grasp the concept that what you sow you reap or that hard work actually pays off. This attitude thinks life owes them something or their dreams will come true by playing GRAND THEFT AUTO or Super Mario Brothers all day. This bad habit is a crippling flaw why broke people stay broke.

8. Broke people stay broke because THEY HAVE NO CONCEPT OF SAVE & INVEST: Broke people will find money for a new outfit, new rims or new shoes, but can’t find the money to buy a book or invest in their future. Broke people spend first then pay bills later with whatever money is left. This is why broke people live PAY CHECK TO PAY CHECK.

7. Broke people stay broke because THEY DON’T READ: I read somewhere once, that LEADERS ARE READERS…everything about accumulating wealth has been placed in a book. Broke people don’t like reading soooo, they will never find the easiest way how to generate wealth.

6. Broke people stay broke because THEY LACK DISCIPLINE: Even if you have all the knowledge in the world and and you can’t act you’ll never succeed at your goal. The winning formula is to PLAN YOUR WORK, THEN WORK YOUR PLAN, sounds awesome but broke people tend to forget that only happens if you have discipline. I call it STICK-TO-IT-NESS.

5. Broke people stay broke because THEY DON’T PRACTICE CONSISTENCY: If you want to be great and anything you have to be consistent. Michael Jordon was consistent playing basket ball, Usain Bolt was consistent training to run fast, Warren Buffett was consistent in making money. Bottom line is, you can’t expect to get any results if you’re not consistent at what you do. CONSISTENCY & SUCCESS are inseperable.

4. Broke people stay broke because THEY TAKE ADVICE FROM OTHER BROKE PEOPLE Why would you take relationship advice from someone whose never had a relationship longer than 4 months. Why would you trust in a source that has NO CREDIBILITY. Taking advice from the wrong person is like the blind trying to lead the blind. If you’re going to take advice, take it from someone whose a living proof of what your trying to accomplish.

3. Broke people stay broke because THEY HAVE NO MENTORS A mentor is someone that has achieved a higher level of success in a particular area or level you’re currently trying to accomplish. Think of a mentor as a coach, someone to guide you to the best “YOU“. So if you’re trying to be a millionaire get a millionaire mentor, somone who makes $70,000 a year can’t teach you how to make your first million. Broke people try to do and learn everything themselves, often LEARNING THE HARD WAY versus the SMART WAY.

2. Broke people stay broke because THEY MAKE EXCUSES AFTER EXCUSES Broke people will tell you 100 ways why they can’t be rich, why that business won’t work, or why they will never succeed in life. My mother was a drunk, my family was poor and I couldn’t go to college, God hates me. Whatever the EXCUSE is, broke people stay broke because they CONVINCE THEMSLEVES they don’t desire any better.

1. Broke people stay broke because THEY HAVE A “BROKE” ATTITUDE. Not even GOD can help you if you have the wrong attitude. The first sign of change is the way you think and how you think determines your actions, your actions are driven by having the right, positive attitude. “CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE AFFECT YOUR ALTITUDE”. The most distinctful thing about broke people is that theyTHINK broke. “AS A MAN THINKETH, SO IS HE” What’s ironic is that if you carefully analyze all 10 reasons why Broke People Stay Broke, you’ll easily make the reference that the complete opposite is why Rich People Stay Rich.
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