Funding Program

small business funding programGet The Small Business Funding You Need To Grow

Chris Bennet is a savvy business professional with experience in several fields. One of his specialties is helping businesses access funding. Through years of experience, he has gathered several contacts who can provide much-needed funding whether they are simply startups or established businesses looking to expand. The greatest benefit of working with the professional Chris Bennett is that he will ensure you get the money you need on time and at the best rates possible.

· SBA loans

The federal agency that facilitates financing for small business owners is known as Small Business Administration. This organization works closely with authorized lenders to provide a portion of that loan. SBA loans have great benefits for entrepreneurs who receive loans in the range of $20,000-$5 million. These loans really help people grow their businesses as there are long repayment periods and lower interest rates to deal with. Unfortunately, many people are unable to benefit from SBA loans because they do not know where to look. Chris Bennett is the expert you should seek out if you need a small business loan.

· Start Up loans

Finding startup capital is often the most difficult thing aspiring entrepreneurs have to deal with. Investors will not fund your loan unless they can see a promise in your idea. It is risky business funding startups but with perceptive marketer Chris Bennett in your corner, investors will certainly be sold to your idea.

· Short Term Loans

Emergencies might drain your finances so much that you need a short-term loan to cover expenses until your next check arrives. Different short-term loan lenders charge different rates for their products and you need professional help in finding affordable credit that will not damage your credit ratings.

· Merchant Cash Advance

It is possible to sell part of your business’ future revenue in exchange for a large amount of working capital. A Merchant Cash Advance as this s called is repaid in fixed percentage meaning that you will always know what you need to pay daily or weekly. The business owner can use a Merchant Cash Advance in any way to increase revenue and it is great that working with Chris to get one shortens the process by reducing the paperwork.

· Commercial Real Estate Financing

Business owners often use the equity in their properties to fund different projects but finding a credible commercial real estate financing is not easy. With help from professionals, you can be able to sell or buy commercial real estate without taking on unnecessary risks. This money can be used to aid in the expansion of your business or purchasing inventory to keep it afloat. Interest on such loans might be high depending on where you look but Chris Bennett knows exactly where to look for good rates. If you ask for his help, Chris will call his contacts to provide you much-needed business funding at ideal interest rates.