6 Tips To Making Money Using Facebook


How do you really make money using facebook? Many people ask this question because they have tons of friends and likes, they have fans clubs of followers and group fame but the question still remains how do i make money using facebook better yet how do you turn all my friends, likes and followers in to mula, cash, money? To do this we most first undertsand the concept of facebook and then learn how to use this concept to our benefit. These are a couple of things to remember: 1. Keep It Social facebook money 300x280 6 Tips To Making Money Using FacebookFacebook is a socail platform, that means people use facebook to talk with friends, look at pictures, spy on others people’s profile, gossip and all that juicy stuff. Facebook is a social community in which you have access to over 500 million active users. 2. Engage, Engage, Engage Don’t assume because your on facebook your automatically going to have tons of friends and followers, its quiet the opposite. When you first arrive on facebook try to look for friends you already have so you can start your own online community and then reach out to friends of yourengage cartoon 300x200 6 Tips To Making Money Using Facebookfriends to increase your community. Practice properly engaging with others by first knowing what your interests are then joining related groups and pages so you’ll be around people with similair interests which makes the engagment process easier and less threatening.

3. Don’t Spam No one like a spammer…DO NOT BECOME A SPAMMER.
A spammer is that person who abuses the facebook community by aggressively forcing unwanted, unwelcoming inforamtion, promotions, products or services to you outside the scope of an established relationship. For example, someone reached out to you and you decided to add that person as a friend of your community. The same day you get your inbox flooded with promotional material promoting their 2 for 1 shoes deal. First you don’t have an established relationship and second you don’t want to buy shoes made from shark skin, it becomes very offensive. So then, if this is true how do you make money on facebook. (Read On) 4. Practice Giving Value Everyone loves someone who gives valueable information, everyone wants to follow, listen and even “BUY” from someone whose sincere and gives value. This concept is one of the most important factors in making money on facebook.
If your building a social community and within the community you’ll have a reputation. If you’re known to give valueable information then people will “TRUST” what you suggest and basically whatever you tell them to“BUY” 5. Be Consistent If your apart of a community and you only show yourself once a week versus once a day, which behavior do you think will allow you to connect with you community quicker and allow them to trust you. Obviously once a day. Everyday be active, even if its one post, one comment one like just do something on facebook everyday.   6. Ask For The Sale
Because you are engaged, you’re not a spammer, you have built up a reputation as someone of value, Your Consistent and no stranger to the community and last but not least because you are aware of the wants and needs of specefic individuals its in your right to suggest a product or highly reccommend a service. This people will act on and will turn into sales.         Thanks For Reading Chris Bennett